We have granted over $1.2 million to support educational programs in Windham. Projects include funding for the summer reading program and eReaders at the Windham Library and capital improvements to Windham -Ashland-Jewett Central School (WAJ) for classroom computers, a distance learning center, and basketball and tennis courts. We offer the largest college scholarship to a graduating senior—$10,000 over the course of four years.  Since 2004 we have helped local students reach their dream of a higher education. We have funded science field trips, teacher mentoring, after-school enrichment, and summer theater projects. Many have acclaimed, “Windham Foundation, where would we be without you.”

2023 WAJ Scholarship Recipients

Leon Honge

WAJ Outstanding Student Award University of Michigan

Amanda Nilsen

WAJ Goldman Gives Award
SUNY New Paltz

Connor Aplin

WAJ Trade and Technical Award
SUNY Delhi

Logan Forbes

Columbia-Greene Community College 


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Past Scholarship Recipients

Leon Honge 2023
Serena Beckman 2022
Erik Langdon Potts 2021
Kimberly Gonzalez 2020
Samantha Aplin 2019
Megan Corrigan 2018
Subaru Honge 2017
Kate Moran 2016
Keily Linger 2015
Zahia Ismail 2014
Marguerite Charbonneau 2013
Annamae Fingar 2012
Cira Conlin 2011
Kersten Laveroni 2010
Jonathan Lindine 2009
Karl Goettsche 2008
Mathew Lacono 2007
Emily Blanden 2006
Cassandra Starr 2005
Geneveve Valenti 2004

Connor Aplin 2023
Kyle Donohue 2022
Faith Montie 2021
Jason Maeurer 2020
Ryleigh Mele 2019
Gianna Levine 2018
Joseph Barnum 2017
Kevin Malen 2016
Victoria Woronewych 2015
Henry Vanucchi 2014
Meabh Lavery 2013

Amanda Nilsen 2023
Ariel Valencia 2022
Grace Moran 2021
Olivia Pedrick 2020
Caroline Sandleitner 2019
Bethany Kletz 2018

Logan Forbes 2023
Cassandra Coe 2022
James Cofield 2021
Catie Drum 2018
Matthew Skopinsky 2017

Forest Ecosystem Exploration

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