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We are a 501(c) 3 grants-based nonprofit, funding programs in education, recreation, the arts, and historical preservation. Established in 2004, the Windham Foundation is run by an all-volunteer board. To date, the foundation has awarded $5.5 million toward cultural and community initiatives, recreational and educational programs, and disaster relief efforts. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed. 

Board of Directors

Paul Mutter, President

Matt Rodrigue, Vice President

Robert Pollichino, Treasurer

Christine Ciampa, Secretary

Christine Anderson

Vincent Angiolillo

Huw Daniel

Phyllis Parrish

Robert Greifeld

Josh King

Charlie McGuffog

Herman D. Smith



The Arts

The Art Explorer Program at the Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts is both educational and fun. Now in its 20th year, the program teaches children basic forms of art and encourages creativity. The program offers a studio experience, followed by activities in nature. Working together in teams, the children create works of art. They develop their creativity in a variety of mediums, including painting and drawing, papermaking, and pottery. Throughout the years, the summer soundtrack in Windham has been enhanced through a variety of free concerts funded by the Windham Foundation including: Heritage Music, Taiko drum performances, jazz performances, and classical performances.


We raised $689,000 through our Hurricane Relief Fund to help local families immediately following the 2011 flood. We gave emergency aid and funds to rebuild homes and businesses; restore grounds, driveways, and inventory; and replace appliances, heating oil, and household furnishings.  We also funded two cleanup initiatives—Stream Team and Spring Clean—hauling away 90,000 pounds of debris, junk cars, and collapsed buildings. The Foundation sponsored the Dental Care Van and Clinic for all WAJ Students and their parents. We Provided funds to build the Windham Food Pantry. We provided funds to purchase diagnostic equipment for the Windham Family Medical Practice. Ensuring safety for all, we purchased emergency rescue equipment and a generator for the Windham Hose Company. So that Windham’s History may be preserved, we purchased computers, cameras, and indexing equipment for our local Historical Societies. At the local VFW Post (1545), community gatherings are enhanced by a brand-new kitchen partially funded by the Foundation. The Foundation has also contributed to Windham Mountain Ski Patrol and Adaptive Sports Foundation.

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